Unnie, 19, diet for myself !

Day 3 
I lost 1 kilos already !

My weigh now
( 2 Aug, 2014 )
9 AM - 56.9 kilo ! And there is just 23 days to go before my bf will visit me so i have soooo much to go and to be patient of hahaha xD

Well, i woke up so early today and loose my appitize ;( anyway i already had breakfast which is grilled chicken that filled my stomach fully


31. August 2014

Okay, so i admited to my ldr boyfriend (which i’m gonna meet him within 25 days ) that i’m gonna lose 8 kg. With in 3 and the half week.
Well, i always tell him that i’m gonna be on diet for really long time but nothing’s work ahahah.
So ! He just told me that every 3 kgs i lost, he gonna give me more expensive x’mas gift for this year ! Omg i’m gonna loose 3 kg with in 1 week ! Hahhaha
Thank you baby you’re the best !

Day 2 - 9 PM
My weight now = 58

Day - 2 !!!!
Good morning everyone !
I’m so glad that from the workout i did yesterday, it posed something that make me want to keep doing this diet for another day ! 

My weight now  
( 8 AM, 31 september ) = 56.9 kg.

And this is my breakfast! 
- soymilk with basil seed and Job’s tears and little bit of jelly

Day - 1 
1 PM ( 2nd meal of the day )

- 1/2 sticky rice
- 5 little stick of pork bbq
- 9 pcs. of sushi

Omg i ate like a pig, after i ate it i felt so bad and regret :( anyway, i’m not gonna eat anything ( besides tea ) from now until tomorrow 10 oclock. I hope it can help.

My weigh now - 57.7 Kg.  

Day - 1
9 am - 30 Aug, 2014 
I just had breakfast
Rice with chicken and tea , pomegranate juice

My weight now - 57.8 kg
Omg i shouldn’t have it. Anyway, i’m gonna do lots of things today so i hope i can get into my target which is 56.5 kg at the end of the day :)

27 dats left before my ldr coming here to me and meet me for the firat time !
I have to do something in order to loose 8 kilo in 4 weeks
that’s why i start to do a “liquid” detox for this weekend.

29 Aug, 2014
The last time that i have something is 5 PM so this is my last meal before i start to do cleanse.

My starting weight = 58.3 kg.
And i want to be 56 at the end of sunday ( 1 Sep, 2014 )

Wish me luck on this journey everyone !




crawl if you must
Just bought some new beautiful books <3